6 Ways You Aren’t Putting Your Customer First—And How To Fix Them

…If your customers have something they need to say to you, they shouldn’t have a difficult time doing so. Many businesses, however, simply have a “contact us” form, with little more than an email that rarely gets answered. Your clientele deserves better, and new tools are being developed all the time to help you do that.

Simply put, you need to get your customers in touch with a human being as frequently as possible. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t have the digital infrastructure in place to make that feasible — enter applications like PingPilot. PingPilot can integrate SMS, live chat, and email directly onto your business’s website, landing page, or e-book, giving your customers a click-to-human experience. With storefronts closed and call centers shuttered, you need a digital bridge between you and your patrons… 

Serenity Gibbons @ Forbes

How Technology Can Help You Engage Your Audience The Right Way

…One example of a tool that’s taking the modern customer experience and running with it is PingPilot. Launched by SCORCH, this software aims to change the conversation between businesses and individuals by allowing people to choose their preferred means of communication. The means of conversation can change depending on the client’s needs — live chat, voice, and SMS are all viable channels. Essentially, businesses move over and give consumers the keys to the car, as well as the wheel.

Over time, this allows brands and consumers to forge sincere bonds based on trust and live interactions, not chatbots or automated replies. Each touchpoint becomes an opportunity to build a better understanding of customers; data from these interactions can improve the company’s marketing stack and explode lead generation, not to mention conversions.

This is a prime example of how technology actually helps build stronger personal relationships and connections, not replace them… 

John Hall @ Forbes

Success Magazine®

5 Necessary Skills of the Most Successful Salespeople

…Entire companies rise and fall on the basis of their customer experience. Salespeople must be responsive not just in terms of time, but emotionally as well. Factors like response speed, flexibility in communication channels, empathy and positivity make prospects want to work with the salesperson and, by extension, the company they represent.

Be there when their prospect is ready to take the next step. Communication platform Ping Pilot suggests conversational content: Embed links in materials that enable prospects to get on the phone, shoot an email or request a meeting when they’re ready. Replace gates to on-site content with click-to-chat buttons. Keep sales and customer service lines separate so prospects don’t have to request a transfer, sit on hold and re-explain themselves in order to buy…. 

Brittany Hodak @ Success

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