Hubspot: Add Voice, SMS, Live Chat, and Video

We created PingPilot to help you generate and foster stronger, more human connections with your customers. Hubspot was created with the vision of an inbound world where businesses were empathetic, human and personable. These two missions converge with PingPilot’s Hubspot integration that lets you add voice, SMS, live chat, and video channels to your sales, marketing and support campaigns.

Why Add Voice, SMS Live Chat, and Video to Hubspot?

Give your customers choice over the communication channel in an inbound world.

Customers have a talent for blocking out interruptive marketing and sales tactics. Direct mail, email blasts, and cold calls simply aren’t effective anymore. Marketing teams are stuck measuring campaign success in single-digit engagement rates. Salespeople have been technologically underserved by CRM software that focuses more on call-to-close ratios than developing relationships—leaving customers feeling harassed.

Customers want an inbound world—one with dedicated, personal assistants whom they can engage on their terms. With PingPilot Signals, customers are automatically matched with a dedicated agent who will interact with them in the channel they most prefer. By integrating PingPilot with Hubspot, each voice, SMS and live chat interaction is synchronized with customer records in Hubspot. These same customer records also provide PingPilot agents with a bit of caller ID when customers engage them via voice, SMS, live chat, and video.

How to Add Voice, SMS and Live Chat to Hubspot?

Follow these instructions to integrate PingPilot and Hubspot.

  1. Sign in

    Sign into your Hubspot account.

    Sign in : Hubspot: Add Voice, SMS, Live Chat, and Video
  2. Select your account

    If you have multiple Hubspot accounts, you will need to select the one you’d like to integrate with PingPilot.

    Select your account : Hubspot: Add Voice, SMS, Live Chat, and Video
  3. Integrations

    Click your avatar to reveal a the dropdown menu and click the “Integrations” link.

    Integrations : Hubspot: Add Voice, SMS, Live Chat, and Video
  4. Copy your API Key

    On the Integrations page, click the “Hubspot API Key” link in the menu on the left and then the “View Key” button. Copy the key to your clipboard. If you are having trouble, follow Hubspot’s instructions to get your API Key.

    Copy your API Key : Hubspot: Add Voice, SMS, Live Chat, and Video
  5. Install Hubspot in PingPilot

    In your PingPilot account settings, navigate to the “Integrations” section and click the “Add” button next to Hubspot. Paste your Hubspot API Key and click the “Save” button.

    Install Hubspot in PingPilot : Hubspot: Add Voice, SMS, Live Chat, and Video