JIRA Service Desk: Add Voice, SMS and Live Chat Channels

We created PingPilot to help you generate and foster stronger, more human connections with your customers. Atlassian created Marketplace to help you discover, try, and buy apps for Atlassian applications. These two missions converge with PingPilot’s Atlassian Marketplace App that lets you add voice, SMS and live chat channels to your JIRA Service Desk.

Why Add Voice, SMS, and Live Chat to JIRA Service Desk?

Save both you and your customers the pain of complicated support forms.

When your customers need help for something small, more often than not, your support staff can earn trust and resolve a request in the time it takes to have a quick conversation. Let’s face it, when you ask a customer to complete a form to get the help they need, you’re putting an unnecessary barrier between your company and your customer. Take back the hours and endless dollars invested in the building customer-facing portals that try and every support every possible customer request with a form. Stop stressing your development staff with poor customer descriptions. Build trust with your customers by lifting the mile-long support form and give them on-demand access to your support team.

Customers want dedicated, personal assistance, but prefer to engage on their terms. With PingPilot Signals, customers are automatically matched with a dedicated agent who will interact with them in the channel they most prefer. With PingPilot’s JIRA Service Desk App, each support agent can interact with customers via voice, SMS and live chat interaction and raise support requests on their behalf.

How to Add Voice, SMS and Live Chat to JIRA Service Desk?

Follow these instructions to integrate PingPilot and JIRA Service Desk.

  1. Search the Atlassian Marketplace

    Visit the Atlassian Marketplace and sign into your account. Using the search engine, type “PingPilot” and click the result card.

    Search the Atlassian Marketplace : JIRA Service Desk: Add Voice, SMS and Live Chat Channels
  2. Install the App

    Click the “Get it now” button to begin the installation. A dialog box will appear. Click the “Get Started” button to complete the installation.

    Install the App : JIRA Service Desk: Add Voice, SMS and Live Chat Channels
  3. Complete the installation

    Enter your PingPilot admin email address and password into the form. Select the Cloud instance of JIRA Service Desk to which you’d like to install PingPilot. When you’re finished, click the “Connect PingPilot” button and you’re all set.

    That’s it! Simple right?

    Complete the installation : JIRA Service Desk: Add Voice, SMS and Live Chat Channels