PingPilot is everything marketers need to attribute, analyze, and optimize Voice, SMS, Live Chat, Email, and Video conversations, all in one platform. Click. Converse. Convert.

Boost your intel by being able to track and manage the customer journey — from engagement to conversion to loyalty — across all of your communication channels.

PingPilot brings all of your conversions online. Whether you’re using voice, SMS, live chat, email, or video, we automatically attribute campaign data to customer interactions, and give your company access to unique insights featured in tools you already use.

In under 60 seconds, you can set up an entire suite of communication channels. Add them directly to virtually any type of content, and you’ll be able to automatically track marketing conversion performance through voice, SMS, live chat, email, and video.

Our Click-to-Human™ technology that powers PingPilot allows you to

  • Automatically route a customer communication request directly to a particular agent within an organization based on the content of the information the customer is seeking
  • Route the customer communication request directly to the agent using a customer selected available Voice, SMS, Chat, Video or Email communication protocol
  • Automatically create a record of the communication such that the customer is automatically routed the same agent upon subsequent communication requests.

Features for Marketers

Campaign Attribution

Our Google Analytics integration delivers marketing campaign ROI data by attributing calls, texts, chats and video conferencing to your marketing content all around the web— with each PingPilot Signal you deploy—in eBooks, PDFs, Videos, Directories, Ads, and so much more.

Performance Routing

PingPilot Signals™ improve customer acquisition and loyalty by embedding your marketing content with patented technology that seamlessly dedicates each caller, texter, chatter or video conferencer to the best member of your team that will have the subject matter expertise.

Lead Management

At every plan level, PingPilot allows you to customize lead statuses and move your prospects through them. Our marketing integrations keep delivering insights from clicks, to conversations, to actual sales conversions—so you can optimize marketing performance.

Resources for Marketers

Click. Converse. Convert.

PingPilot: Click. Converse. Convert.

Demand Gen Marketers need to be able to measure performance in every channel. This eBook reveals how to bring offline channels online.

Click. Converse. Convert.

Marketo: Add Voice, SMS, Live Chat, & Video

You’re measuring marketing campaign success in single-digit CTRs. It’s time to add communication channels to the mix—ones your customers use every day.

Click. Converse. Convert.

Hubspot: Add Voice, SMS, Live Chat, & Video

PingPilot’s Hubspot integration lets you foster an inbound world by adding voice, SMS and live chat channels to your sales, marketing and support campaigns.