Build human connections with new customer experience software

PingPilot is unveiling a new partnership to help companies maintain dedicated customer service. PingPilot provides a service that helps create and foster stronger, more human connections between companies and their customers by automatically routing customer interactions to the same dedicated agent using voice, SMS, and live chat channels.

Marketo LaunchPoint is an ecosystem of marketing solutions that offers hundreds of applications that integrate into Marketo’s customer engagement platform. As an all new Marketo LaunchPoint partner, PingPilot customer interactions in these channels can now be synchronized with Marketo customer activities, and Marketo customer data can be used help build context into PingPilot customer timelines.

“Customers want dedicated, personal assistance, but prefer to engage on their terms,” says PingPilot founder and SCORCH CEO Chris Buehler. “With PingPilot Signalsâ„¢, customers are automatically matched with a dedicated agent who will interact with them in the channel they most prefer. Each voice, SMS, and live chat interaction is recorded, so agents can focus on building stronger relationships over time, using any connected computer or mobile device.”

Customer Experience (CX) Representatives can enhance their success with automatic, dedicated routing to pick up conversations with their customers exactly where they left off, every time, becoming their customers’ personal, yet universal superhero. Additionally, sharing PingPilot Signal customer interaction data directly into their marketing stack can help CX Reps convert marketing qualified leads into customers.

Every interaction CX Reps have through PingPilot is fully integrated with a business’s Marketo database, allowing valuable information to be shared across all channels throughout the entire customer experience. CX Reps can also alter customer lead statuses and pass the data right into Marketo. For CX Reps, the chance to offer complete visibility and communicate across channels means an opportunity to break down silos and reinvent the way a business handles the customer experience.

“PingPilot allows you to guide a potential customer right into your database by simply asking for a phone number or email address to experience your product or service,” says Buehler. “We believe in breaking down silos and sharing data to improve marketing, sales and service alignment. We also continue to quickly incorporate other integrations between PingPilot, CRM and automation tools used every day.”

PingPilot team designed the software to leverage the power of Twilio’s programmable communications services with the knowledge that marketing tools, such as lead forms and automated chat bots, often act as barriers, forcing customers into unwanted interactions. PingPilot Signals provide an automatic path to well-matched, dedicated relationships between customers and CX Reps, that can be launched in print, video and virtually any digital media. The service works on most browsers and seamlessly directs voice,
SMS and live chat through a single, personalized address (Examples:, or

Building human connections across the universe.

Founded by Chris Buehler and fueled by SCORCH, PingPilot is a SaaS product that creates
a stronger connection between companies and their customers by automatically routing communication requests from customers to the same dedicated agent using text and voice. PingPilot now integrates with JIRA Service Desk, Marketo and is available on the App Store.

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