PingPilot is a futuristic sales desk that helps you convert prospects into customers from Voice, SMS, Live Chat and Video anywhere in the universe. Convert. Converse. Close.

Your marketing team publishes great content. But your sales funnel is a black hole of lead forms and emails. And why not? These are trusted method for gathering customer data. But we’ve developed a more effective solution. Let your customers skip the mile-long lead forms and torrents of inbox messages. Let your customers reach sales without all the mess—and without losing data valuable to your marketing team.

With automatic integration with all of your favorite CRMs and marketing automation platforms, PingPilot’s technology allows you to drive sales conversions directly from the marketing content you’ve spent so much time and money developing.

When your customers engage with your team, PingPilot automatically creates and/or updates records in popular platforms like Salesforce, Marketo, and Hubspot to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

Features for Salespeople

Lead Management

At every plan level, PingPilot allows you to customize lead statuses and move your prospects through them. Our marketing integrations keep delivering insights from clicks, to conversations, to actual sales conversions—so you can optimize marketing performance.

Performance Routing

PingPilot Signals improve customer acquisition and loyalty by imbuing your marketing content with patented technology that seamlessly dedicates each caller, texter, chatter or video conferencer to the best member of your team to convert them in known universe.

Human to Human

We believe technology should make our lives better. That’s why PingPilot automatically routes your prospects to the same dedicated agent, so they can pick up the conversation exactly where they left off—no matter where they are. Every time.

Resources for Salespeople

PingPilot Signals: Out-of-this-World Experiences

Designed for teams of tomorrow, launch PingPilot Signals in under 60 seconds. Assign a team to a signal and engage customers in voice, text, and chat.

Salesforce: Add Voice, SMS, Live Chat, & Video

Rethink how to listen, engage and provide new value to today’s tech-savvy customers with PingPilot’s Salesforce integration.

Hubspot: Add Voice, SMS, Live Chat, & Video

PingPilot’s Hubspot integration lets you foster an inbound world by adding voice, SMS and live chat channels to your sales, marketing and support campaigns.