PingPilot is a modern service desk that helps you better serve your customers by offering them Voice, SMS, Live Chat, Email, and Video support from virtually anywhere. Click. Converse. Community.

Prospecting is only half the battle. Keeping customers satisfied once they’ve actually converted is a challenge all on its own. Instead of a mile-long support form, build trust with your customers by offering them on-demand access to your support team.


67% of people said valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide good customer service.

– Forrester®

No matter how hard you work or how many processes you develop, you just can’t support every possible customer request with an automated system. When you ask a customer to complete a form to get the help they need, you’re putting an unnecessary barrier between your company and your customer. Take back the countless dollars and hours invested in building customer-facing portals by opting for a customer-driven alternative they’ll appreciate.

With PingPilot’s JIRA Service Desk App, each support agent can communicate via voice, SMS, live chat, email, and video and raise support requests on their behalf directly from our progressive web and iOS apps — so your team can be productive from anywhere.


Our Click-to-Human™ technology that powers PingPilot allows you to

  • Automatically route a customer communication request directly to a particular agent within an organization based on the content of the information the customer is seeking

  • Route the customer communication request directly to the agent using a customer selected available Voice, SMS, Chat, Video or Email communication protocol

  • Automatically create a record of the communication such that the customer is automatically routed the same agent upon subsequent communication requests.


Features for Customer Service

Human to Human

We believe technology should make our lives better. That’s why PingPilot automatically routes your prospects to the same dedicated agent, so they can pick up the conversation exactly where they left off—no matter where they are. Every time.

Superior Service

Need satisfaction? PingPilot for Teams allows you to raise and monitor the status of JIRA Service Desk requests made on behalf of your customers. Self-service and support forms can prove to be incomplete and inefficient support solutions when compared to the power of a human-to-human conversation.

Performance Routing

PingPilot Signals improve customer acquisition and loyalty by embedding your marketing content with patented technology that seamlessly dedicates each caller, texter, chatter or video conferencer to the best member of your team that will solve their issue.

Resources for Customer Service

Designed to Build Community.

Putting the Humans Back in Customer Service

Customer service is your number one priority. And yet, when the customer has a problem reaches out to you for help, they meet a digital wall.

Designed to Build Community.

JIRA Service Desk: Add Voice, SMS, Live Chat, Email, & Video

Rethink how to listen, engage and provide new value to today’s tech-savvy customers with PingPilot’s Salesforce integration.

Designed to Build Community.

PingPilot Signals: Out-of-this-World Experiences

Designed for teams of tomorrow, launch PingPilot Signals in under 60 seconds. Assign a team to a signal and engage customers in voice, text, and chat.