Last updated: July 16th, 2020


PingPilot, in GDPR terms, is a Data Processor that minimally collects and stores customer data as per the customers’ (Data Controller) instruction. 

Data Collection

PingPilot collects, stores, and processes all forms of communications (Voice, SMS+MMS, Chat, Email, Video) for each Signal that is active, as per the customers’ instructions. PingPilot does not sell or share your data. At times, your information may be synchronized with a third party CRM system listed below. Chat data may be processed into support tickets for the support systems below.  

Data subjects include administrators of PingPilot and PingPilot’s customers’: customers/prospects, employees or authorized users of their accounts. 

Personal data includes: name, email address, phone number, cookie data*, and any personal information provided in communications with a Signal.

*PingPilot does not track users across domains in which the application is not supported or listed in the below section. Please see below cookie policy for details.



All PingPilot Signals have a default consent layer for analytics. Additional consent for verification of users and chat is configurable per Signal via PingPilot.

Any information required for verification can be stored by the company for their records. All forms of communication allow opt-out. 

Data Subject Rights

PingPilot will delete, export, or correct data upon request from the customer at We will work directly with the customer to fulfill their request.


PingPilot only uses subprocessors that have Data Processing Agreements. We will send an email to account holders upon change of subprocessors. Below is a list of the current subprocessors in use by PingPilot:

Amazon Web Services, Cloud Services

Cloudfront, DNS

Cookie Policy

Cookies are used by PingPilot to deliver a better experience. There are three uses of cookies for PingPilot:

    1. Essential cookies are used to give access to secure areas and determine if cookies are supported. These cookies fall into the domains * and * and are inaccessible to the browser. You can block or remove these cookies, but it they are necessary to deliver functionality 
    1. Performance cookies are placed by Cloudfront to increase performance across our network. You can block or remove these cookies and the only impact will be on performance
  1. Analytics cookies are placed by Google Analytics and can be a PingPilot’s customer’s tracking code. You can opt-out of this directly through the site

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us.